Coast Hockey League: Richmond

Winter Champs 2018-19: Pougars Div 10
Spring 2019 Champions: Puffers Div 3
Winter Champs 2018-19: Toasters Div 12
Winter Champs 2018-19: Pioneers Div 3
Winter Champs 2018-19: Honey Skunks Div 9
Winter Champs 2018-19: Crown Royals Div 2
Spring 2019 Champions: League of Shadows div 6
Spring 2019 Champions: Booze Blues Div 2
Winter Champs 2018-19: Skunks World Order
Winter Champs 2018-19: Guins Div 4
Winter Champs 2018-19: Icemen Div 8
Winter Champs 2018-19: Regulators Div 6
Spring 2019 Champions: Yotes Div 1
Spring 2019 Champions: Rebels Div 5
Marlies Spring 2019 Champs: Div 4 Spring Champs!
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Hockey Is Back In Richmond!



The City of Richmond are reopening their doors towards the end of August on a trial basis, which will lead to a full opening of the rink in Sept!  We applaud the City in their attention to safety and happy to see a few steps in the direction of normalcy.  Safety is still our number 1 priority though.

Coast Hockey League will be running a winter season with a tentative start date of Sept. 28th.   We will be running a 5 on 5 season with a cap on 10 players and a goalie for each team.

Watch for the registration email to go out in the next day(s).  Space will be limited so don't delay!

 - Coast Hockey League.